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There are already three people dead in Afghanistan as a direct result of this. It does have the feel of the news industry planting the seeds of big news on a slow news day. Not that any of that excuses the silliness of book-burning - but it's just that - silliness.

At the time of the Mohammed cartoons furore they asked a Muslim cleric in Gaza why he didn't understand Western ideas of freedom. He said that this wasn't the freedom of human beings, it was the freedom of animals. Strong words, but it's bothered me ever since that he might have a point.

Alfred Valstar

This is what we get when our faith becomes a mix-up of power politics, capitalism & holding on with our ego to what we should share with others. A deadly cocktail religion is the result. Where is the love?
In my country we have a politician (sponsored by Amercan right wingers) who is trying to stop islamization and fervently in favour of what he calls 'freedom of speech' (which stands for his 'right' to insult about everyone). In the US this politician - his name is Wilders - is a hero with the right wingers (calling themselves 'religious'). These right wingers don't know (or don't want to know) that this member of parliament couldn't care less about religion. He does not adhere to any faith other than (in European terms) old liberal values. It is this man who wants to speech at the demonstration in New York against the coming of a 'mosque', a few blocks away from Ground Zero

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