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Great album, excellent review! Plant gets a lot of flack for his reluctance to participate in a reforming of Zep. Though I must confess I wish he would, simply because I was too young to fully appreciate or see them in their golden gods glory days. (Led Zep IV is 40 years old next year, perfect time to get your old mates together with bonzo's son huh robert?)

On the other hand Plant has been under appreciated as a solo artist and interpreter of songs. I saw him live a few years ago with his then band 'Strange Sensation' and it was an astounding performance. The two albums he did with them Deamland and Mighty Rearranger are perhaps his two best solo albums. I think Band of Joy is closer to the atmospherics of Deamland than it is to Raising Sand.
Miller brings the Lanois-esque sound which fits Plant perfectly... ah now Lanois there is someone I'd like to see what he could create with a vocalist like Plant.

I for one am looking forward to his Waterfront gig this November, and to see Buddy Miller tackle some of his Zep classics.


Great cd, seen Page & Plant on both tours during the 90’s. I think his new direction really suits him. As for Led Zeppelin being demonic, not sure. Alistair Crowley's most famous teaching was "Do what thou wilt shalt be the whole of the law". Page had inscribed in the vinyl on Zeppelin's Third album. As a group they made no secret of the leaning towards the occult, & Hinduism.

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