Oh! Oh! Oh! Slicer has just returned from holiday (inc one from the Internet) and come across this. Thought it was going to be review of the Tom Jones album but it seems that Oh Mercy eclipses P&B.... Slicer finds himself unable to disagree with anything in his post. Given Slicer's penchant for debate, that is both surprising and possibly a tad disappointing...


Great review about a great song from a great album which Bob surprisingly put back in his live performances this summer when he toured Europe. I heard him sing it live in Nice, France, my only concert this year, which I found way too loud and rock and roll in general, but this one song sent shivers down my spine and made tears roll down my eyes when he performed it and it made the whole evening worthwhile. It surely is life-changing for those who are in tune with their souls and therefore most likely leaves most others untouched and unaware, simply because they are unaware of or completely out of touch with their very soul's existence. What a shame and what a waste for some!....It is such a treat to listen to the man who is, like Tracey and like Emmylou, so aware of the fact that: All That You Have Is Your Soul! Bob's the man, simply because he is willing to continuously question himself and therefore always improves and changes even at age 70!

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