Stephen Orr

Two points Steve:
1. You don't have to live in Communist China to have a wage cap Steve - several US sports operate a wage cap.
2. There is a fundamental difference between the transfers of Rooney and Walcott and those City have made in recent times. Much as I dislike Utd, they spent within their means as a business. In that sense it was "fair". If a smaller team wants to compete, it is possible, with good management, over time for them to grow. The Chelsea and Citeh situations are different, where a sugar Daddy funds operating losses on an annual basis and the competition becomes ones of 'whose Sugar Daddy has the deepest pockets'.


I used to have a Man City poster from around 1978 with all their autographs on it, my dad got me it when he was on a business trip, but as i was/am a liverpool fan i didn't take much care of it...otherwise i would give you it now if i still had it...sorry steve!!!
I see you changed your allegiances in 1969... think its easier to change your religion than to change your team...what do ya think?
Barcelona seem to have a good system as far as i know, the club is owned by the fans (?) no sponsorship on jerseys etc...they seem to be doing ok!


Good post stocki I was wondering what your views would be on the Man City changes!

You're right that no other prem club can criticise City every team would jump at the same offer, even so-called "moral" teams like Liverpool. if anything, at least Man City lost their soul a bit later than most of the others.


My feelings exactly. Of course, money is not the only way you can lose your soul. There are also the issues of arrogance and attitude and the "I don't have to talk to anyone I don't like" of a Sir AF-moulded United.

We at least can hope and pray that we can be successful and rich but also gracious with it. Nothing lasts for ever- this is our time, let's enjoy it and, as you say, keep the prophetic voices raised against the bigger issues of which soccer is just one part. And as you say, us winning something? i'll believe it when i see it- but the wonderful irony is, it might be in Dublin!


We'll not even mention that Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan is chair of the international petroleum investment company...or the last minute behind doors deal done with the former president of Thailand (with one of THE worst human rights records)... But as long as City are winning like...enjoy the blood money. But seriously, they have't won anything

Jonny Elliott

Steve...long time mate...long time indeed. I was sitting beside john boy as he was reading this and I felt obliged to pitch in.

So...first off..."red scum"? harsh.

Why would you have had a better team if you qualified for the Champions League last season? It's not like you needed the TV money that would come with it. What signings would you have made in the summer that you didn't get to make because you didn't qualify? Yaya Toure, David Silva, James Milner....are they the gap fillers until you qualify for next season? Maybe David Villa would have chosen City over Barca if you were playing in the Champs. Doubt it though.

"I still think it might be so BUT if we could win the title this year at least it was with one hurdle to jump" - You won't win the title this year. Or next year. A title winning side is hard to come by and I don't subscribe to the nonsense of just "buying" a title. You could buy the 11 best players in the world and pay them a million a week and they still wouldn't win the league. It takes a squad for a start. It takes a squad of players that are happy to be rotated and understand the importance of that. Adebayor, Tevez, Given, Richards, Balotelli, Bellamy, Lescott...they all hate to be rotated and are vocal about it. It takes a balance of youth and experience which granted they are trying to achieve in buying Milner, and having Hart and Johnson.

"Chelsea were our relegation and promotion rivals for quite a while in the late eighties and they seem to have bought something!" - Yes and no. Chelsea spent a lot of money yes...but their core of quality was not that expensive. John Terry £0 - youth team, Lampard £11mil, Joe Cole £6mil, Drogba £24mil. I'm not convinced that City have those 3 or 4 quality players that are the core of the team.

Arsenal have a self imposed wage cap and they are doing quite well. It allows them to target players who are not motivated by £200,000 a week contracts. It allows them to run a profitable business that is both viable and successful. Everyone likes to forget about Arsenal when they talk about wages and money because they throw the stats off...damn them with their excellent youth policy and stringent wage structure.

"When United bought Rooney from his home club that he loved, did they buy him fairly?" - Yes.

"Soccer players didn’t become mercenaries when a Sheik bought Manchester City." - True. But I don't buy into the mercenary footballers across the board. The majority of footballers are motivated by success. They want to win titles and trophies. Now along with that, they also want to make money. Of course they do, those of us who work for a living are no different. Yes we may care passionately about what we do in our jobs, but we still want to get paid. And we move through our careers looking for promotions and better paid jobs. Now of course there are some footballers who are mercenary but it is down to the clubs that employ them to make a judgement call. Unfortunately for City I think they have attracted too many of these types of players and that is why they will win nothing in the foreseeable future.

"I really don’t want City to win it, and everything else, every year." - I wouldn't worry.


we make ethical choices where we do our shopping all the time so maybe we should do it with our football teams as well?
if football clubs start treating it as nothing but a business venture maybe we need to shop around a bit and support those teams that are doing/trying to do things the right way?

we buy all into Fairtrade coffee so why not Fairtrade football teams (whatever that means:).Maybe that means a club who is living within their means or is owned by the fans etc

and as Christians we could probably make a case for healthy competition but not at win at all costs competition?
maybe we need to think about the sponsorship we wear whenever we wear our teams football shirts?

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