Dragon Fire

Brilliant post as usual Steve. We should grab another coffee soon. I think I could help your congregation get more involved with charity, development and most of all revolution.


True. But for many it requires a "Damascus Road" event to bring about the courage to live this way!

Andrew Clenaghan

A change in terminology can help spark such revolution...
Instead of 'Poverty' we should speak of injustice - the fact that so many die or suffer from preventable causes is plain and simply wrong.
Instead of 'Charity' we should speak of 'doing justice' (righteousness?) - what we do or give should not be seen as gifts but rather as responding to our moral obligation to ensure the poor have access to their basic human rights.
Instead of 'Development' we should speak of 'progressive change' - building the capacity and providing the opportunity for governments and communities in poor countries to make the difference themselves.
The revolution has to take place in our perceptions and understanding before it can take effect in our actions.

Miz Melly

This encapsulates all that i've been thinking about for the past year and I just want to know how, how, how I live the revolution in my day to day life...Where do I start? What will it cost and how do I have the courage to count the cost and do it anyway. How can my family and I live this revolution - really live it? I pray for the wisdom to see the path and the courage to take it. I don't think I can honestly live any other way, but I am daunted and intimidated.

Anne Clark-Caya.

Hello, I read this as I live in South Africa,, (for over 30yrs) and am an aunt of one of yuor people ~ Melanie Pullen ~.
I am not a christian, and so will not comment on the biblical/jesus viewpoint. I will however comment on yuor view of the ``helpingness `` from charities you mention~ which by and large,hold the mainstream point of view and simliar approaches to this ``problem,``. All that they contribute,, and assist with are of course wonderful,,, But as a woman who has lived and worked with all races here in S.A. for decades I hold the view that the mainsteam charitable approaches will not work in the longterm, and will never fix the problems,,, I see them as simply treating symptoms,, not addressing problems. !!!

The principal issue and challenge here is the people themselves ~~the mindset they hold ( and I AM aware I am generalising here, but exceptions are few and far between,, ) Historically, people of colour in S.A. have been restricted and limited by white rule and dominance for centuries. They were not allowed education, any real control in their lives,, ar any financial independance. Thier ``bosses`` housed/fed/clothed them either on farms or in workplaces. Or eventually townships,, The non-whites made few decisions for themselves, or others,, within their communties, or country,, This has resulted over many many generations A mindset of not only absolute dependance, but also expectancy, and now entitlement, and demand.
There is a known phenomenon within `township` living that plays out in that if an individual ``does well` for himself,, he/she is begun to be ridiculed ( bring him down to size,, )~ostracised ( thinks he is too important & better than the rest,,~ and ultimalty attemps to destroy will occur ( either robbery,, arson or worse,) ,,,, !!!
Why? because there is an ingrained mindset, that ``we are not able`` ~~ ``the whites/rich owe us,,``~~ ``someone else is responsable,``, !!! Charities who come in, and build houses,, set up feeding and health programmes,, build libraries,, schools,, clinics etc,, these are great,, ( and by the way, do you know how MANY of these have been burned down with months of completion,, ??),, but I dont believe that in the long run they are helping,,

They are pouring water into a leaking bucket.

The mistake is on the assumption that ``If I/my neighbor/my cousin were in that position ,, they could be helped like `this`,,, but the mindset of people who grew up like you,, and yuor culture is vastly different to the mindset and culture entrenched here.

Micro lending in India has proven extremely effective,,, it insists on responsability and accountability by each participant.

Sporting programmes create the knowledge of teamwork, discipline, hardwork, and success within a group,, And even better within the youth, as they are the real future.

Community & Co-operative gardening programmes for food achieves similar results.

My point is, unless you involve the people themselves,,, as at least 75% of the input,and responsability,, the results will never last. Hand-outs of the usual charitable nature, as well-meaning as they, and all their contributors are,, simply put a band-aid on a severed limb.

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