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Jonny Gibson

Is it not a good human nature not to settle for enough, to strive for better. to reach for the stars, to invent new medicines,labour saving devices, embrace new cultures, new communication technolgy. it has its ugly side, but can we really have progress when people settle for enough? i guess its the communist question, which isnt an easy one.


I guess if there's a "better" then you're still looking for "enough". But: What really is "better"? I think when talking about finite resources, too much is never a healthy situation, in both a spiritual and temporal sense. It's mindbending that we're worrying about shortening our lives by eating too much while others starve.

Now, I'll quit preaching and get back to my chocolate-filled, chocolated-coated doughnut...

david reid

"give me neither poverty nor riches" I wonder Steve is this a good arguement for the tithe eg I earn £1000 per month net I distribute my tithe to the Lords work/workers and I live of the remaining amount. Within that amount I have choices to make Sky or fast car, eating out or designer labels, Lidl or M&S, Shankill Rd or Malone Rd, Apple Mac or HP. Now for those on less/more income than the £1000 the brands may change but the choice remains.Therefore "enough" is dictated by the amount we have left over after the tithe and we choose to do with that as we please, as long as we keep "falsehood and lies" as the motivational choice far from us.

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For all I know we are right to think that our own offenses should seem so much less heinous than the offenses of others.they are part of us and we must accept the good and bad in ourselves together.

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Sometimes it is not what happens that is the gift but what we learn. This is our doing - it is not the awful event that is the gift but how we respond.

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Great post! Of course, many of us find it difficult to make the sort of commitment that Timothy does. But that is where Kiva comes in. When pooled with the resources of others you can really change the life of another person.

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There may be without doubt that delight is essentially the most valuable point on this planet. Lacking it, existence could be empty and meaningless. pleasure is made up in contentment. A guy who's dissatisfied with his current issue is continually in distress.

MBT Wingu

It really is genuine that do not determine what we now have got until we reduce it, however , it's also true that and we don't determine what we now have been lacking until eventually it comes.

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The important is to learn how to appreciate and be grateful for what we have now.

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