Corinne Bailey Rae's Prayer on Fairtrade Fortnight


SONG FOR A HEALTHY SOUL – Corinne Bailey Rae: Love’s On Its Way

At the end of Fairtrade Fortnight 2010, when we have again upped the justice for many of the world’s poor and exploited, I am drawn to the prayer right there in the middle of Corinne Bailey Rae’s cathartic new album The Sea. Love’s On Its Way is a prayer. It begins “Oh Father” confesses misunderstanding the great mysteries, looks at the state of the world and then after more confession asks that her response to this world would not be just the prayer but the action of her life: -

“I want to be able to say that I did more than pray

I did more

Than just spend my money

Just writing letters

Than just going out marching

I did more than talking and saying the right thing

Wearing the right thing

It’s time for uprising...”


In many ways to pray is an easy thing. We can pray alone of in Church or in more full on prayer meetings that God would change the world. God wants more. We can give money too. The Irish, north and south, are great charity givers. Name the cause and we’ll send money. There are endless telethons, street collections, Church lunches, fundraising gigs and bungee jumps. God wants more. There are also an incredible amount of marches, internet campaigns and a creative fest of imaginative way to petition. God wants more.


Corinne’s prayer if for uprising and that is what Jesus was about in his heralding in the Kingdom. We look to a day when prayers of petition, giving to charity or taking to the streets will all be unnecessary. We look to a time when the man who receives a fair wage for his work on a Western Cape vineyard sits under his very own vine as the Old Testament prophet said he would! What Jesus was about when he asked us to pray “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done/On earth as it is in heaven...” is exactly what Corinne Bailey Rae is praying about on Loves On Its Way. Pray that love is on its way is and then live the uprising that brings it in!


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