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to be fair, I think what people mean is that just because he's been a lying cheating b**tard off the field, doesn't mean he should lose his job. I don' think that counts as being 'on his side'. generally though, i'd agree, i can't see him being a trusted national captain anymore.


England... Chelsea... Do I care?

Paul Hutchinson

Does his mistake affect his ability to do his current job?

Of course it does - the trust and respect of his teammates (particularly Wayne Bridge's) is totally undermined.

You shouldn't take seriously everything you read on website blog comments, Steve - people will write all sorts of drivel out there!

(...oh, wait... doh!)


my point was more that with a nod to fairness and due process a man shouldn't lose his job over a private failing followed by a tabloid trial. and I think its way OTT to compare it to 'Adultery, murder, theft... sure as long as it doesn’t interfere with the football!' . I think you'll reflect on that sentence Stocki. He's not Shipman, Biggs or even Glitter, he's a man like many other who failed to resist temptation, when he should have.

Paul Hutchinson

yeah okay, fair comment Gibby.
The point about due process is well taken.


Although the failing isn't entirely private, and does affect his public life. In terms of leadership, our character and who we are/what we do in private will always impinge on public life, no matter how long it takes.

Thanks for the reminder about JT's wife, who no-one seems to be thinking much about - even John.

David Quinney Mee

Just to throw another ball on the field -(Can the football industry cope with more than one at a time? If it had two it might take some other things seriously?) When we have finished getting upset (no arguments about that) about sex, will the issue of the football slave trade, or the vast amounts of money thrown around in that game (and many others) ever become an issue to think through? What role models are already offered by these millionaires and their various partners? Is 'moral sensitivity' only triggered when they get into the wrong beds?

David QM


Stocki I think your article as ever is fair and gracious, however I find it difficult to reconcile it with your comments about Iris Robinson, or your glowing eulogy to George Best when Belfast’s genius passed away in 2005. There was no mention of Best’s affairs during that posting, yet Best was infinitely more adulterous than Terry. Could it be that the only difference between the two was that Best was handsome, charismatic and charming? And dare I say it, Irish?

I recall trying to challenge Clinton’s ability to lead the free world in 1996 after he had been exposed for a failing in his private life. And whilst at the time I argued that there was no way a man who could have such poor judgement should be allowed to remain President of the United States, with the wisdom of hindsight it seems that the incident had no impact on it at all.

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