Jonny Gibson

Grizzly Bear's track wouldn't have worked (even though its a great album) RATM was a good choice, in the round.

I'm not as pessimistic as you re the music industry. The 'machine' has less power than any time in history over what we listen to. I get Spotify links from my mates and within seconds I'm listening, and within days i'm passing on the tip if i like it. people can make quality records in their bed room one evening, and have it available to the public all over the world, by the next morning. X-factor churns out one type of music, for which there is a place, i don't think there is as much of a danger of it taking over as you think.

PS: can't deny i enjoyed xfactor. good entertainment, cheesy drama, perfect with a saturday chinese. these things can definitely be taken to seriously. Joe is better than anything Stock, Akain and waterman spuued out, for instance. better x-factor hogging the xmas number 1 or sir-cliff?...hmmm

Paul B

Good piece... and yes a remarkable happening indeed. RATM are a band I enjoy. I have the albums but I did pay my 99p and download it again, if for nothing else just to be part of this minor wee revolution. I love it that it is the most unlikely of songs dating back to '92, from a band that have been on a bit of hiatus for a long time. Though this may well spur them to record again, you never know.
All in all a grassroots, subversive rage that I'm glad to see has triumphed.


Amen, Steve. Great thoughts.

The Slicer

Killing in the name of was a really poor choice with which to make a useful point. Its sentiments were put forward much more articulately and artistically a generation earlier in "With God on our side." Not suggesting WGOOS would have made No 1 in 2009 but a more constructive song (which had a few more words!) than KITNO shouldn't have been too hard to find. Killing in the Name of is negative and largely anarchic - well short of the positives of the Kingdom.

Paul B

Good post on this from Neil McCormick http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/culture/neilmccormick/100005701/rage-around-the-xmas-tree/

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