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I started surmising a headline in the newspaper that spoke of England’s Rugby hero Johnny Wilkinson having found inner peace in Buddha. It startled me, shook me up and made me ask about Jesus and inner peace. My Christian belief is that Jesus is about inner peace and I started surmising why someone from a country so recently described as Christian should have to go east to find peace and bypass Jesus on the way. I surmised if Wilkinson has even considered Jesus as an option. I guess it made me think of The Beatles’ guitarist George Harrison having had to travel east to find his inner peace forty years ago.

But my surmising moved quickly from Wilkinson and Harrison and even from Buddha. I started critiquing the Christianity that was bereft of the practice of its theology. I have consistently listened to students who tell me they don’t believe that God loves them. They know the verses. They could articulate it in theological words. They even communicate the love of God to others. Yet, it remains elusive to them in the reality of their lives. They have the theology that supposedly brings the inner peace that Johnny Wilkinson, George Harrison and indeed all of us yearn for but it is not disseminating into their deep soul.

The Christian tradition that I am from has been strong on nourishing the “head” but weak at nourishing “heart and soul.” Perhaps, even negligent! The busy nature of our worship services gives little time for the truths of the hymns, sermons and even the prayers to seep in. We have lost the sense of meditation that David wrote about in Psalm 63. Indeed, we are even suspicious of the word meditation. It is a Biblical concept that needs reclaimed in order that we might allow believers to soak in the great truths of who Christ is and what Christ has done for us. The spiritual disciplines of solitude and quiet reflection need to be rediscovered so that, in a bright, loud and busy world, inner peace becomes not just the hope of our creeds but the reality of the follower of Jesus. Then, I surmise, there will be headlines of people finding inner peace in Christ!


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