Lynda Gould

I remember debating with a student who was utterly conviced that we only needed the four Gospels in our Bible, so I know what you are talking about and share your concern for discipleship, mission and the nature of church in the future...


oh jeepers don't get me started!

Beth Maynard

Gobsmacked by the Amos thing. How is that POSSIBLE?


if I was that guy I would stick to a book that is actually in the Bible like Romans or the one that talks about sinners going to Hell (its near Romans somewhere) and leave Amos to the Methodists


the Bible is a strange and wonderful book and reading the
book of Mark this AM for the first time in it's entirety, I found myself laughing at the disciples when Jesus said "beware of the leaven of the Pharisees when they've pulled out on the sea in the boat and forgot to bring bread...they were talking amongst themselves and said "did he say that because we
forgot to bring bread" really, that's hilarious...
gobsmacked...I really love that word. I guess then as
now the disciples just don't get it. I think one can't really
understand the gospels without mega doses of the rest of
scripture (Numbers is bloody hard to read. Haven't made
it through that book yet) and even then...well aren't we all s a wee bit like the disciples in the boat if we are honest. Still in all the words of Jesus are a tough
pill to swallow...forgive, forgive forgive he says over
and over again. If we want to be forgiven that is.
I've rambled a plenty. sorry.


as well as brainwashing it's promoting a stingy gospel really isn't it - all about the bottom line!


As an aside, what message did the preacher preach from Amos over the course of the weekend?

John "Napoleon in rags" T.

I agree with the diagnosis of one of the problems besetting the NI evangelical tradition. It strikes me as sad that it has often been liberal theologians and those outside the church who have been vocal on issues of social justice. However, some Christians have been delivering on it for decades (individually) or centuries (collectively), without necessarily being vocal. Now that concern regarding social justice is trendy in a wider social context, the Church has increasingly been raising its voice. However, it's important that this in underpinned by personal holiness, which has been a strength of methodism and amongst what evangelicals have emphasised (even if we all regularly mess up). I hope with its newfound voice on social justice, the Church doesn't end up a sterile or impotent force because it forgets the (less socially appealing) justice's appropriate bedfellow, holiness. Picking up on an earlier posting, Fear and guilt have been defeated but we still should aim to keep to "the narrow way" (which might take us into lots of places that have been wrongly deemed to be taboo).

Paul Hutchinson

Coming back to the comment about reducing the Bible to the Four Gospels - that would be an unusual position for the Northern Ireland Conservative Evangelical to take. My experience is that the 4 Gospels are read and focused on much less than the Epistles (Romans etc). Presumably because they're so much more wooly and "social gospely" than good old Paul. ;-)

When our church work its way through Luke's Gospel week by week a couple of years ago, what struck me was that in several decades' experience, I'd never done that in church before. The series were always on Romans, Corinthians, Galations etc - which is kind of odd, when you think about it.

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