John McMullen

Absolutely loving this album. Been a long time since I've been as blown away by a first listen as I was on watching them in McHughs last year. Nice review Steve!

Paul B

just got it! One of those out of nowhere absolute joyous surprises of a record.


I just stumbled on your blog through a search, and I enjoyed the review. I had the chance to see these guys in Toronto just two days ago, and I was amazed at the blend of honest, raw humanity and deep biblical truth. This is the kind of music that the world needs to hear. so very refreshing. thanks for highlighting it.

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How has the Christian church changed?
What were early Christians like?


Too bad about the swearing


Have been discovering more and more of the spiritual depth in Sigh No more over the past few weeks, from a few allusions I thought were interesting in the "consumer friendly" Winter Winds and The Cave I was first exposed to. Then came the full force in Awake My Soul and lyrical examination of grace in Roll Away Your Stone, especially enjoyed the quote from MacBeth there too.

Apparently Marcus Mumford's parents are involved in management of Vineyard Christian fellowships in UK, so I guess that explains a lot.

And Dilby (above), I know what you mean about the swearing, but at the same time it gives the line a really raw quality that works...I hate to say I like it but I do... :(

And to answer Generic Viagra (also above), the Christian church sold its soul to the establishment around the first century, interestingly the point around which passion for mission and proper following of NT truth started to fade to a minority of Christians. Ooops.

Hope Mumford do well.

Also nice to see a fellow NI blogger - I'm from Pdown, yourself?

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Of course, this is hardly proved, but the temptation to some sort of certainty is so great that even as careful a scholar as Bate gives it rather more weight than it can bear.


Thank you for having wit enough to write a good review of this incredible album. Right on.

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I also stumbled upon this sight while doing homework for a creative writing assignment. We had to study poetry after my professor brought in Dylan (Of the Bob variety) for us to analyse I figured lyrics were fair game. I wish I could make my thoughts do what their lyrics do. It's awesome stuff. I think they have much more inspiration and power in their words than most Christian rock bands do. I love that they are not a "Christain Band". Why should they wear a label?

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