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Paul Hutchinson

So true Steve.

I actually think that secularism has taken the lead over the last few decades in breaking down the barriers between Protestant and Catholic in N.I. That's not a bad thing in itself, but it should have been people of faith taking this lead.

Protestants and Catholics are studying together, working together, playing sport together - but praying together? Going to an occasional mass service to see which bits you agree or disagree with? Admitting that the Holy Spirit might in some way be at work inside the Roman church? No thanks. (I think I'm busy that day).

I think a lot of Christians do say "I'm not sectarian - I've got nothing against Catholics". Hmmm - no, but we do expect them to leave their church and convert to Evangelical Protestantism before we'll consider recognising them as a brother in Christ...

We say that real Christianity has nothing to do with the church you belong to, or whether you're a Catholic or Protestant. And the world at large doesn't believe us, because they're not seeing the evidence.


It's always interesting to be a misfit (or perhaps a prophet). May you always have he courage to stand up for the kingdom of God, whatever the personal or professional cost it may bring with it.


Are you familiar with this new film? http://www.ifcfilms.com/videos/five-minutes-of-heaven-trailer

E Craig

Is there no way of clicking to say I like this, the way we can on facebook?

David Mitchell

Hi Steve

Thanks for the review, on my to buy list. The subject of Peace Building/ Making does seem to losing ground within the P.C.I, the recent decision of the church of not continuing with its Peace Program would be an example, the staff who were employed were involved in excellent work. Therefore, there is an even greater need for people in your position to continue speaking out on this important subject. Any good gigs coming up in your place?.

David 'Hillhall Rd' Mitchell


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