West Wing 6

It is one of the many defining moments of the Ged Bartlett’s Presidency in West Wing, the series that is perhaps God’s reason for giving humans the ability to create moving pictures.  Congressmen have been killed in Gaza and the American people (over 80% a poll is telling us) are demanding revengeful justice.  It is of course a echo of 9/11 but Bartlett aint no Bush and so he is thinking the slower burn of peace that will bring security on a more long term basis than the fast knee jerk feel better response that perhaps makes people feel safer in the short term but leads to larger body counts.  He sets out to find peace, the peace he read about when reciting the Beatitudes at the funeral of his great friend and naval expert Fitzwallace, killed in the same attack.  When a joint delegation of Washington’s most powerful politicians arrive behind the speaker of the house to demand immediate military response and tell The President he is going to go on television to announce such a strike he turns and says, “I am trying to find a way to make peace... and when I do you can go on television and explain why you were against it.”

It is an argument stopping phrase; like the simplicity of epiphany.  What else would we be ambitious to do?  The Old Testament was built around the idea of bringing shalom to earth.  Shalom is a peacefulness that is also a wholeness, a harmonious relationship between human and human, human and the earth and human and the Creator.  It is about a restoration of all that was lost in the Garden of Eden.  It is the redemption and salvation Jesus came to bring, tearing the curtain in two and breaking down the dividing walls (Ephesians 2).  It is all about peace which is why it is so important to Jesus that he should say that peacemakers are children of God.  Yet for so long Northern Irish evangelical Christians actually disdained the peace makers calling them liberal heretics.  Perhaps on the day of judgement we will have an opportunity to hear before the living God why they were so much against it.

Speaking of judgement, I hear you ask about justice.  Justice is what the heavy politicians and American people wanted in West Wing.  It is an important player in the Scriptures too.  It has a role to play and perhaps its difficult but vital marriage with mercy will actually be an avenue to the peace that is sought.  Yet, when we stop to think about it, there will be no need for justice in the New Jerusalem that John sees in his vision that we get to read about it in Revelation.  It is not justice that will fill the air of a new heaven and earth; it will be peace.  Peace is God’s goal and if we are about his business then we are going to be called children of God in heaven even if we get called more disparaging vulgar names, by the so called people of God, on earth.

The past fifteen years has seen blessed changes in Northern Ireland.  It has been a real period of Divine intervention and grace.  And yes, when grace plays its part then we have to experience some very uncomfortable relationships.  Another scene in the same episode of West Wing has Ged awake in the night pondering his dilemma.  His wife joins him and as he is telling her that it would be so much easier to please the people and authorise a military attack of vengeance and justice, leading to pictures of bombings on CNN and a few charred bodies, his wife responds, “Do you want easy?!”  Easy is not a word that takes up much space in a Bible Concordance.  Jesus never did easy.  Jesus never mentioned easy when he was describing what it would be like to follow him.  Peacemaking is never easy.  For the people of Jesus’ day it was not easy to live with the forgiveness granted to tax collectors, prostitutes, Roman centurions and a convicted criminal hanging on a cross.  Peacemaking comes with some pain.  There is a lot of work still to be done to reconcile the people of my country.  The next twenty years needs sons and daughters of God to step up and boldly attempt peacemaking.  And when the vicious vitriol comes, then paraphrase Ged Bartlett, “I am trying to help God to make peace and when there is peace I want you to stand before God and explain why you were against it!”



Genius of a series! for the past few years they played the whole darn thing again late night on More4, we’re now at the final series (for my 3rd time). Never been a show like as far as viewer involvement and emotion. I can’t watch the ‘zoe kidnap’ scene without white knuckles and teary eye.

Nice presby sermon stocki :) open with a bit of popular culture then pivot to ‘ that’s a bit like when Jesus said’. just joshing. I do think it’s a bit ‘easy’ though to say, Jesus has blessed NI with peace, I mean anyone could say that. 30+ years of death and mayhem (none of which is god/Jesus/Allah/Kristina’s fault of course!) then eventually people grind out a hard bitten compromise… and faith people give a rye smile and say ‘you see, god/Jesus/ Kristina /whoever is great isn’t he? let’s worship’. A bit easy.


Gibby, You have more faith than me! If you believe we got here by our love for each other and tolerance you have a faith I am envious of... It was in spite of Christianty and Christianity alomost blew it and still might but it was not love your neighbour Northern Irish hippy love that brought us to the Chuckle Brothers! At least I lack the faith to believe it!


'If you believe we got here by our love for each other and tolerance you have a faith I am envious of.'

I believe no such thing.
(extra marks for anyone who knows the audience to which Big Ian famously used this pay off line :) )
Not sure I've ever read or watched any review/interviews of 'the settlement' that claimed it as anything other than weary pragmatism on all sides. Hippy love and tolerance? never, never, never! (2 points up for grabs)


You are a good man!

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