Nice writeup, your comments on vocation are right on. Putting a link to this on the book blog as it's probably the first theologically thoughtful show writeup I've seen. Am I guessing right that you actually managed to get there without knowing the setlist or hearing any of the previous shows? A true triumph of self-discipline in this day and age!


I can't wait to see the tour when in Charlottesville on Oct 1

Bob Flayhart

Well said, Stocki! Crazy to think we were both there, shared the same "magic" and fellowshipped among the 82,000, without bumping into one another. Wish you could take in a US show as well!


Great review! I made the pilgramige from Chicago and again saw the light of God shine through the most glorious music ever performed. Can't wait for the shows at Soldier Field in September.

peter vallelly

I think there is a clear spiritual theme to the concert, Breathe is about finding "grace within the sound " and the concept(s) of the preciousness of time (sanctity of life), joy and (crucially) surrender are recurrent motifs throughout the show - The terms of surrender to the God are unconditional. What does He ask us to surrender? Christian surrender means we have come to Him and His terms, as the General of our soul, and say simply, "I surrender all."

We lay down our arms, we hand over everything we have, everything we are, everything we hope to be, and find grace......Moment of Surrenders original lyrics reference Pentecost...pointing us to the final harvest of the world when men and women will present themselves and their deeds to the Lord God. Claiming the Victory Jesus won indeed.

Leonard Hjalmarson

I love the Buechner quote.. strangely, offered it to my daughter last week as she flew out of town on her first business trip working for the evil Empire (Disney). So, paradoxes abound eh?

I was at the U2 concert in Vancouver in October. Venue too large sound was simply awful.. so disappointing have followed these lads ten years now.

But reason I am posting.. I am writing a book on the gospel and culture and need permission to quote lyrics. Not sure where to begin to make the connection for Us permissions? My blog.. http://www.nextreformation.com

Nike Vandal

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