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Great post Steve!

Jonny Currie

Good post although I think it might be an age thing stocki. As a child of the eighties Farrah Fawcett didn't really mean anything to me. Yet probably like others born at the same time the cartoonish persona of Michael Jackson helped to introduce me to the world of music for the first time as a kid. For many my age (though they maybe wouldn't admit it now!), their first tape or record was a Michael Jackson album!

Geoff bailie

Well I was surprised to find that I own Thriller. I can only assume that I decided to buy it on account of the fact that its the number one all time seller. Oh that and I love Eddie Van Halen's guitar solo on Beat It !

Seb Morrow

Steve your piece is an absolute morass of contradictions (especially paragraph 3). What "cultural transforming power" do you propose Kurt Cobain unleashed on the planet before he blew his brains out? And in what way exactly did Elvis'"hip swivel" routine "change" or "transform" the world? And in what sense was the latter culturally transforming rather than "merely entertainment"? Do you find Beatles' hairdos a significant indicator of cultural transformation? I doubt even a hackney sociologist would. You use a lot of big words Steve, I am unconvinced you have thought through their meaning.


I don't own a single Michael Jackson song. But when the Sunday evening news leads with "further developments" on Jackson's death over the coup in Honduras there's something totally screwed up in our culture.

I fear we are turning in a valueless culture that prides entertainment over reality. Perhaps Huxley's prediction was right and we are addicted to soma and trips to the feelies.

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