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As with all these things i guess it's in the way you read it, and what you read into it.
“God is love/And love is evolution´s very best day”
So, ideas of love and god are a by-product of human evolution? interesting. Maybe Dawkins wouldn't dissagree.
(aside from anything - feels like the weakest song on the album for me, wouldn't get near any of the previous two albums)


you know... i don't think bono is that sort.
kinda remember him saying that he likes discussing a lot of different things with people from various walks of life, and in religious terms certainly has some atheist friends.
and indeed, i don't think love would be on anyone's list of "most disliked aspects of humans". It's certainly a good thing we have it, and if it's evolutionary or not that's a wholly different debate. automatically deducing it from god isn't quite right either.


It's tongue in cheek lads, relax!

Good post Steve. I love this song... in U2's catalogue I think it's possibly their greatest blend of the profound and the fun.

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