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good point. I guess the right answer was no answer, but then we'd call that cynical spin.

funny how people care about this tale, seems a real non-story to me... Along with her of the misnomered named Britain's Got Talent

George Abbs

Gay marriage is a much too important a subject to be discussed at a beauty pageant. I don’t find the answer offensive, I find the fact that it was asked at such an event offensive.

Miz Melly

I have to say that it was the weirdest thing bringing a political subject in to a beauty contest. I am more concerned about the fact that a country that considers itself 'politically correct' can be so backward as to still have a contest that has women parading around in bikinis for the titilation of an audience and, worse, judged on their physical beauty! Seriously! THe contest itself is misogynist and obscene and I'm baffled that no one is highlighting that!Why aren't the Christians getting up in arms about the demeaning of women - why aren't they objecting to how Judging women by appearance is in direct opposition to how Jesus acted?


These kind of beauty contests are mainly watched ironically by women and gay men, I suggest (Hetro men watch porn on the internet). Which is why Perez thought the question was relevant. I guess its as relevant a question as any in a beauty contest. As far as i know the women arn't forced to enter the contests, and to in some way ban them would be really getting into stalinist territory.
Anyway, wasn't Jesus gay?


I agree that it was the question that caused the problem. Questions are often more powerful than the answers. We have to be careful what questions we ask and more careful about how we answer them.

They may be no "stupid" questions but there can be "wrong" questions, questions that lead us down roads that end up being dead ends or causing us to become highly judgmental of others. Neil Postman addresses the power of questions in one of his books (can't remember which).

Jesus was superb at not being trapped by a question.

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